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Crestellina is a traditional farm, where the raw materials extracted from the Payoya goat are transformed in an artisanal and natural way into naturally simple cheeses and yogurts. A healthy environment, which allows them to make products of authentic quality, so a high commitment to respect and care for the location, in the heart of the Sierra Crestellina, where they carry out committed and honest production, with the least impact on the natural environment. Season after season, year after year, generation after generation, we have proven that there is only one way to give back to the countryside what the countryside gives us, to do things well, well done.

Today, the fourth generation is at the helm of Crestellina, maintaining the same recipes always used by our ancestors. Payoya goats are fed extensively in the natural pastures of the Sierra Crestellina and the Guadiaro Valley. They transfer the milk they obtain from the farm directly to a small factory daily, thereby guaranteeing top quality food, one hundred percent natural and local.

There is nothing healthier and simpler than connecting with the environment, feeling grateful and sharing it.


In addition to feeding you the best of our house, our mission in Sarmiento is to contribute to the Andalusian agri-food industry, betting on local and sustainable production, as well as safeguarding and promoting the wine culture of the area.

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