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Calma Eladio

Calma Eladio is much more than a local fruit and vegetable label. It is a healthier, fairer and more committed way of understanding life. At Sarmiento we are committed to them to try to change some consumption dynamics and help future generations to find a slightly better world. Working with Calma Eladio, we achieve:

Consume fresh product, of higher quality and therefore more nutritious and healthy. The proximity allows to reduce the travel time from the collection center to the point of sale, where the food arrives in a better state when it is collected at its optimal moment of maturation.

Help small and medium-sized local farmers to survive, receiving a fairer price for their products by reducing intermediaries and facilitating their access to the commercial channel. In addition to creating direct jobs, promoting the local economy and keeping alive something as important as our rural environment.

Reduce the carbon footprint produced in the marketing and distribution of imported products, as well as all derived gas emissions that enhance the greenhouse effect. Moving long distances requires more packaging and therefore leaves more waste and much more pollution.

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In addition to feeding you the best of our house, our mission in Sarmiento is to contribute to the Andalusian agri-food industry, betting on local and sustainable production, as well as safeguarding and promoting the wine culture of the area.

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