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Our menu

The best of our pantry, and of the local producers that surround us. We are committed to a sustainable, seasonal menu, and with respect for the origin of each product. Choose, eat, drink and enjoy.


Raws, Veggies & Free-range eggs

Bluefin Tuna Tartare
Spine and 'Descargamento'. Petaca Chico.




Steak Tartar from Sirloin
Simmenthal Breed




Chopstick Carpaccio
Jiménez Barbero




100% Acorn-fed Iberian Ham from the Genal Valley




Roasted Beet Salad, Payoya Goat Cheese
Accompanied by seeds. Crestellina




Pink Tomatoes and Cheese Strips from Cabra Payoya
With Basil Oil. Crestellina




Salad of Marabu wood-roasted peppers
Onion and Albacore Anchovy




Caesar Salad with Grilled Prawns




Anchovies with Fresh Payoya Goat Cheese
Crestellina cheeses (3 units)




Smoked Sardine Toast
With Moruna de Cherrys and Black Garlic Mayonnaise (2 units)




Broken Country Eggs from Casares
with Morcillita de Casares




Broken Country Eggs from Casares
with 100% simple Acorn-fed Iberian Andalusian Ham.

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Casares Chorizo
w. Garlic


with garlic, with tomato confit



Pringá croquettes
with Peppermint Infusion (6 units)


Creamy Cod Fritters
With Piquillo Pepper (4 units)



Retinta Cow meatballs
with creamy mashed potatoes and raw mushroom (4 units)


Starters in Marabú woodfire

This branch, of Cuban origin, provides a long-lasting braise,
incandescent and without spark. Perfect for less aggressive cooking.

Galician scallops
with Spicy Gratin (2 units)



with Romesco and Payoyo Cheese. Crestellina Cheeses.



Lettuce Buds
with Ajada (4 units)



Avocado V.O.
with Payoyo Cheese with Chile Pepper (2 units). Crestellina Cheeses



Maribel Verdú Avocados
with Payoyo Cheese with Chile Pepper, Smoked Sardine, Jalapenos
(2 pcs). Crestellina Cheeses

The Malaga Suckling Goat
from Caprisur



Goat Croquettes
with Hoisin Sauce (6 units)



Grilled gizzards
with Root Puree and Sautéed Snow Peas



Sarmiento grilled



Roasted at low temperature


Woodfire Starters

Encina, Marabú and Sarmiento, to give it different nuances




with Seafood Gratin



Sea bass
with Garlic Sauté. Lubimar Wetlands



with creamy Mashed Potatoes and Paprika Infused Oil




100% Acorn Dam
with Sweet Potato Puree and Padrón Peppers



Chopsteak 21 days maturation
with Palermo Pepper and Roasted Potato


Cattle with a minimum of 5 years of age
All meats come accompanied by natural fries and grilled vegetables


Simmental Breed



High Loin 'Nebraska', Black Angus breed
Cut approx. 400g



Entrecôte Breed Retinta from Cádiz
30 days maturation. Cut approx. 500g



Friesian Breed Entrecôte
30 days maturation. Cut approx. 500g



Retinta Breed Chop from Cádiz
30 days maturation. Cut approx. 1kg



Friesian Breed Chop
30 days maturation. Cut approx. 1kg



Galician Blonde Steak
Minimum 14 years of age. 130 days maturation. Cut approx. 1kg




Rack of Lamb 'Sous Vide'
with Ras-El-Hanout Butter and Cous Cous



Duck Confit
with creamy puree and red fruit sauce



Candied Piquillo Peppers
Fried Green Peppers
Natural French Fries
Roasted Potato with Cream Cheese
Creamy Mashed Potato
Green salad
Bearnaise Sauce
Green Pepper Sauce

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