The concept  Sarmiento “brasa andaluza” is based on the essential pillars of the andalusian lifestyle: authenticity, spontaneity and enjoyment of family and friend´s company when being around a table.


Our clients would be able to feel the happiness and hospitality bounded to our culture at the same time that they would enjoy the passion for the products that are offered by the land that surround us, which are carried through the heat of the ember

It´s almost time to reopen our doors in order to welcome you back and now your security is out main concern. We have designed Commandments that contain special security Measures that we want to share with you

A. Staff

1. Body temperature measurement and disinfection actions when entering the premises.

2. Compulsory and adeacuate use of special protection equipment (EPIS).

3. Specific Training Course about Measures of contagion reduction for Coronavirus.

4. New Procol for goods recepction and Supplier´s engagement.

B. Service & Clientele

5. Security distancing of 2 meters between tables .

6. Use of monodose seasonings and disposable linen.

7. Digitalization of Menus.

8. Control and disinfection measures in clients including automatic hydroalcohol dispensers

9. Table and Chairs cleaning and disinfection protocol after every use.

C. Cleaning & Disinfection

10. Daily Deep disinfection of production, staff and common areas with approved disinfectant products.

11. Installation of Automatic infrared dispensers in common areas.

12. Washing of Crockery and glassware at 80ºC

Crta. de Casares Km 12'5


Mie - L 13  a 17:30

 Martes Cerrado